Global B2B and B2C Cross-border e-commerce platform powered by
blockchain technology with access to all buyers and sellers with no financial bounds.


Copico aims to bring cryptocurrency closer to real world use and adoption.Copico will launch a new cross border Emarket Place which allows users to exchange or purchase goods with copico coins.Copico will be the best scalable crypto currency.






We can trace the origin of commerce from the pre historic era, earlier it was goods for goods, which was called barter system, but the invention of money changed the way commerce around the globe. Since then it has been a constant evolution. Introduction of internet has added a remarkably great new dimension to the traditional commerce. E-commerce changed the face of business, whether in B2B or B2C, locally or globally. Prior to the evolution of e-commerce, success in trading is hinge on strategic location of the business. Now, it is a global marketplace, even a small retailer from a small town or a village can afford a nationwide presence if not global with the help of e-commerce.

Current e-commerce industry is being dominated globally by some key players like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay etc. Besides these giants there are many Medium and small scale merchants who operate their e-commerce sites within their own geographical boundaries. These players, with their presence, have been catering customers in best possible way; however e-commerce is notoriously vulnerable to a long list of risks. E-commerce merchants often spend equal amount of time and resources dealing with risk management issues as they are on serving their customers. In addition to traditional risks there are Transactional and Data risks involved in e-commerce. Culprits are always in search of way to evade the e-merchant’s data protection mechanisms and steal the stored information. Also the chances of fraud likely to be high in e-commerce transactions since e-merchants cannot verify the legitimacy of the card or the card holder or the transaction as all this information is in the hands of a third party.

Furthermore, the payment methods offered using national currencies have expense rates and limited inflow due to the friction associated with credit cards, wire transfers, and the banking system. The payment issues are even vexing in global transactions. Again time a great revolution has taken place which has definite potential to alter the course of e-commerce, which is crypto currency. Here is a brief bitcoin code erfahrung for you to learn how the trading bots have influenced the trade of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.


Copico Plan

Technical Specs:

Coin Name COPICO
Coin Ticker XCPO
Coin Type Full POS
Block Time 90sec
Minimum Stake Age 12 Hrs
Max Stake Age Unlimited
Block Size 3MB
Coins Required for Master node 50000
Initial supply 200m
Coin burned 77.5m
Supply after Coin burn 122.5m
Stake reward 10xcpo for every 5days of the week
Super stake reward 15 xcpo for every 2 days of the week
MN reward 70% of stake reward
PORT 17356
RPC Port 17358


Crypto currencies have real world value, they can used to make everyday purchases, make trades on exchanges like Bitcoin profit, pay bills, shopping on e-commerce platforms and even buy a house. They also eliminate the middlemen, the technology behind crypto currencies,

Blockchain, allows peer to peer transfer of money via secured and verified transactions. Also to mention the average returns on crypto currencies have surely outperformed any traditional investment options like Mutual funds.

Off late nations started recognizing the importance of this section and its growing acceptance among masses, some even started legalizing them, we believe more countries would follow the same path.

In this scenario, Copico aims to bring a secure, stable and swift cryptocurrency closer to the real world use and adoption. Being a masternode coin Copico does have a competitive edge in terms of creating an additional and stable income for masternode operators, also it provides a sense of ownership as masternode operators are given voting rights and can take part in decision making.

Our plan is to create an eco system where use of crypto currencies is encouraged. Following are some of the fragments of our eco system,

Altcoin service provider

Copico acts as a one stop altcoin services which includes creation of a coin, creation of new blockchain, website designing and coding, wallets, explorers, marketing and so on, the mode of payment for these services would be Copico thus creating demand for the coin in one way.

Copico E-Market place

Copico is developing a crypto based cross boarder e-market place which allows customers to buy and sell goods using crypto currencies as mode of payments. The major advantage of E-commerce over traditional business is the simplification of the point-of-sale systems. Constrains in the usual digital currency transfers is leading e-commerce industry towards crypto currencies

So our e-market place is going to work on a unique business model which makes wholesale trading much simpler, also the inclusion of crypto currencies as a mode of payment offers a tightly secured, safe and easier transaction mechanism for those sellers who want to do business on a global scale.



Having been in Bitcoin since 2012, chaitanya a banker by profession, sees the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize not only the financial industry, but also many of the erstwhile legacy systems that we still use today. A designer by passion, he holds several certifications in the field of web designing. His expertise in visual design, adobe Photoshop and other designing tools can bring a competitive edge to any team he associates.


Avinash is a software architect comes with an extensive experience of coding and designing, and is a full stack javascript developer. He is a continuous learner and keeps on honing his engineering and technical architecture skills. He is so passionate about blockchain technology and explores new areas for blockchain adoption

VINODH Developer

Vinodh is a skillful backend programmer specialized in C,C++ and java.He is also a sophisticated blockchain developer having experience in various blockchain platforms like bitcoin,ethereum and hyperledger etc.

Sam Project Lead

This technical evangelist comes with an extensive experience of coding and designing. He is a continuous learner and keeps on honing his engineering and technical architecture skills. Sam is so passionate about Block chain technology and he mastered it. His excellent micro management skills help him not to fail often in his work. He is also a technological futurist and exploring new areas for Block chain adaptation.

He is an intelligent investor and has a special liking towards crypto currencies.

Sriven Project Manager

He is one of the best enthusiastic minds we have in our team. He comes with a Post Graduation level degree in Operation and Logistics management as a passionate person in the field of supply chain he can be a real asset to the Copico E-market Place. Sriven is closing watching the evolution of blockchain technology and is very excited and impressed with its developments. He is also an avid reader, traveler and photographer.

Advisory Board




John O

Contract law attorney

Wallet V1.0.3.1

Road Map



Release of Paperwallet, Raspberry Pie Wallet, Web wallets

Addition of Copico in new Exchanges, Addition in master node monitoring websites and Coin market cap



Launch of E-Market platform like



Adding more features and updating existing platform.